Scriptorium ficto is a literature project, the brainchild of Nadine Crabtree. An Australian expat with a love of history, travel, and all things pertaining to the realm of science fiction, she has channeled her interests into works of fiction designed with young adults in mind.

The novels and short stories featured on this website are suitable for children aged 12 and older. Woven from themes of time travel, parallel universes, and visitors from other worlds, they are sure to take any young reader (or young at heart!) on a thrilling journey of imagination.

These works are available for public enjoyment at no cost, so please have due consideration with respect to fair use. You may share them freely with friends, family, or students, but kindly request permission if you intend to reproduce them or distribute them in any way.

Enjoy your visit and thanks for reading!

See also a selection of fiction for grown-ups.